Welcome to 2016! A Message from our Artistic Director, Derek Ritschel

//Welcome to 2016! A Message from our Artistic Director, Derek Ritschel

Hello Showboat passengers,

Can you believe the relationship between Showboat Theatre and Lighthouse Theatre is already four years old? And what a terrific relationship it has been. Together Showboat and Lighthouse over the past three seasons have sold close to 120,000 tickets. Slowly, Showboat is becoming a major destination for professional theatre in Canada and we couldn’t be more happy to have you as one of the team in creating something special for all of us in the Port Colborne region.

With a loyal subscriber base, Showboat has a solid foundation – and when you are sure-footed, you can take positive strides towards the future. And who wouldn’t walk with confidence with what’s in store for Showboat’s 2016 season?

The 2016 season will begin with the world premiere of FITZ HAPPENS! by new playwright Mark Weatherley. This incredibly funny musical will take you from England to small town Canada with slap stick comedy and toe tapping tunes. Up next is REAL ESTATE by Allana Harkin. It’s a show that tickles the funny bone just as much as it tugs on your heart strings for that perfect mix of engaging theatre. Show number three is another world premiere by the award winning writing team of Marcia Kash and Douglas E Hughes (Who’s Under Where).

SOMETHING FISHY is a show that takes five actors to play 15 characters. It’s fast and funny theatre that will have you rolling in the aisles. The final show of the season is one of the most highly produced comedy’s in the world. PERFECT WEDDING will show you what ‘comic timing’ truly means. If there is a thousand ways a wedding day can fall apart this show has picked the funniest one.

This season is going to be a clinic in comedy. Showboat Theatre is ready to roll for the 2016 season. We have placed ourselves back on the map in a most convincing way and we have you to thank for that success.

We hope this year’s shows delight you as much as we enjoy putting them on stage for you.


Derek Ritschel
Artistic Director

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