Showboat and Lighthouse Partnership

//Showboat and Lighthouse Partnership
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In 2012, Showboat Festival Theatre and Lighthouse Festival Theatre were presented with an opportunity to share resources, knowledge and leverage each other’s strengths by uniting as sister theatres. The result of this unique relationship has been nothing short of incredible and professional summer theatre is thriving in Southern Ontario, from Port to Port.

In 2015, each theatre welcomed their highest number of subscriptions to date, with Showboat doubling their amount of subscribers from 2014. Due to numerous sold out performances in 2015, Showboat has reconfigured their seating and added four additional performances to accommodate over 1500 more patrons for the upcoming 2016 Season.

Showboat and Lighthouse maintain a serious commitment to strengthening the arts in their respective regions by providing the highest calibre of professional summer theatre at an affordable price. The relationship they have forged and the accomplishments they have achieved together in this short time have set the tone for a prosperous and exciting future.

This is a significant time for the arts in Canada and our success would not be possible without the ongoing support and commitment from you, our valued patrons. Thank you for allowing us to entertain you each summer by Canada’s top performers and technicians. We look forward to having you join our two theatre families on this flourishing journey together.

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